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2018 CRoNoS Summer Course on Functional Data Analysis
Dates: 31 August-2 September 2018.
Venue: Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi, Romania.
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2018 CRoNoS Spring Course on Multivariate Data Analysis and Software
Dates: 3-5 April 2018.
Venue: Poseidonia Beach Hotel, Limassol, Cyprus.
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2017 CRoNoS Winter Course on Copula-based modeling with R
Dates: 13-15 December 2017.
Venue: Clore Management Centre, Birkbeck University of London.
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2017 CRoNoS Spring Course on Multivariate methods with R
Dates: 8-10 April 2017.
Venue: Cyprus University of Technology
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2016 CRoNoS Winter Course on Econometrics and Statistics
Dates: 6-8 December 2016.
Venue: La Cartuja Sports Residence, Seville, Spain.
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2016 CRoNoS Summer Course on Functional Data Analysis

Dates: 26-28 August 2016 (Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon)
Venue: Historical building of the University of Oviedo, Spain.
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2015 CRoNoS Winter Course on
Robust methods and multivariate extremes
Dates: 9-11 December 2015.
Venue: Birkbeck University of London, UK.
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