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WG A - Data management and applications
Co-chairs: Roland Fried and Mark Levene
Description: This WG will mainly contribute to Task 1, Task 2 and Task 6. Climate, medical, trading and financial data will be used as initial benchmarks. Climate data are currently on-line available in multiple national agencies. Medical data will be provided by hospitals and research institutes which are represented in the Action. The participants of the Action have also access to large databases containing information about transactions from different countries and to financial data through benchmarks as datastream. The analysis of such datasets is important in the assessment of risks. Firstly, data will be collected and stored following protocols for standardization and respecting confidentiality matters. Distributed storage systems and massively parallel access to data (e.g., Map-Reduce) will be exploited. Once the priority lines had been established, the problems will be analyzed by the others WGs. Then, the approaches that they develop will be tested and the results will be published as benchmarks. Any room for improvement will be highlighted. Further datasets arising from the interaction with the stakeholders are expected. The practical use of the approach will be the basis to generate the guidelines.
  • Tomas Adam (Czech Republic)
  • Malgorzata Bogdan (Sweden)
  • Carmen Cadarso Suarez (Spain)
  • Simon Caton (Ireland)
  • Christakis Charalambous (Cyprus)
  • Ana Colubi (Germany)
  • Ben Craig (Germany)
  • Elena Fernandez Iglesias (Spain)
  • Maria Brigida Ferraro (Italy)
  • Roland Fried (Germany)
  • Milan Gocic (Serbia and Montenegro)
  • Karel Hron (Czech Republic)
  • Michalis Kapsos (United Kingdom)
  • Alex Kontoghiorghes (United Kingdom)
  • Thiemo Krink (Germany)
  • Mark Levene (United Kingdom)
  • Maya Neytcheva (Sweden)
  • Sandra Paterlini (Germany)
  • Corsino Rey (Spain)
  • Marco Riani (Italy)
  • Slavisa Trajkovic (Serbia and Montenegro)