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WG B - Models and methods
Co-chairs: Stefan Van Aelst and Elvezio Ronchetti
Description: This WG will collaborate with WG A for the development of Task 1, and with WG C for the development of Task 3. A sound framework will be established to handle non-standard and non-perfect datasets, including elements such as functions, surfaces or sets, e.g. those provided by WG A. New robust population measures and models will be investigated, since the location-scale model is not always meaningful, as it relies on a Euclidean structure. Important problems which have not previously been considered will be clearly identified, formalized and tackled. Problems concerning location, including different regression frameworks, scale, clustering, and dimensionality reduction involving non-standard data, will be considered as starting points. Robust methods for estimation, such as those based on trimming, are intuitively generalizable. Alternatives using approaches such as M-type and minimum divergence estimators or distance- based methods will be tackled. Robust filtering techniques will be developed.
  • Andreas Alfons (Netherlands)
  • Anthony Atkinson (United Kingdom)
  • Vladimir Batagelj (Slovenia)
  • Eric Beutner (Netherlands)
  • Malgorzata Bogdan (Sweden)
  • Enea Bongiorno (Italy)
  • Peter Buehlmann (Switzerland)
  • Eva Cantoni (Switzerland)
  • Andreas Christmann (Germany)
  • Ana Colubi (Germany)
  • Ben Craig (Germany)
  • Christophe Croux (France)
  • Rozenn Dahyot (Ireland)
  • Ori Davidov (Israel)
  • Manfred Deistler (Austria)
  • F Marta L Di Lascio (Italy)
  • Fabrizio Durante (Italy)
  • Jochen Einbeck (United Kingdom)
  • Maria Brigida Ferraro (Italy)
  • Frederic Ferraty (France)
  • Florian Frommlet (Austria)
  • Milan Gocic (Serbia and Montenegro)
  • Ivette Gomes (Portugal)
  • Stella Hadjiantoni (United Kingdom)
  • Karel Hron (Czech Republic)
  • Mia Hubert (Belgium)
  • Maria Dolores Jimenez-Gamero (Spain)
  • Ivan Kojadinovic (France)
  • Alex Kontoghiorghes (United Kingdom)
  • Thiemo Krink (Germany)
  • Alfio Marazzi (Switzerland)
  • Alessandra Menafoglio (Italy)
  • Alicia Nieto-Reyes (Spain)
  • Klaus Nordhausen (Finland)
  • Hannu Oja (Finland)
  • Roberta Pappada (Italy)
  • Sandra Paterlini (Germany)
  • Giovanni Peccati (Luxembourg)
  • Igor Pruenster (Italy)
  • Ana Belen Ramos-Guajardo (Spain)
  • Marco Riani (Italy)
  • Christian Ritz (Denmark)
  • Isabel Maria Rodrigues (Portugal)
  • Juan Romo (Spain)
  • Elvezio Ronchetti (Switzerland)
  • Peter Rousseeuw (Belgium)
  • Tamas Rudas (Hungary)
  • Anne Ruiz-Gazen (France)
  • Laura Sangalli (Italy)
  • Sara Taskinen (Finland)
  • Slavisa Trajkovic (Serbia and Montenegro)
  • Wolfgang Trutschnig (Austria)
  • Stefan Van Aelst (Belgium)
  • Herman van Dijk (Netherlands)
  • Mattias Villani (Sweden)
  • Alastair Young (United Kingdom)